TWOW Statistics (along with its branch, TWOW Statistics Part 2) is a resource, created by some_nerd (The Pi Guy), but redesigned by TWOW community member Purplegaze, that contains contestants’ statistics in past and current episodes of Ten Words of Wisdom. First mentioned in TWOW 12A, it has since then underwent abandonment from its original owner and had many of its sheets hidden from view, which supposedly will return with TWOW’s resurgence. In the meantime, users may copy the spreadsheet file to access the hidden data.

This is not to be confused with overallLeaderboard, Cary's original spreadsheet.

Original sheets



The top-left corner of GUESTBOOK.

The Guestbook is the only sheet on the spreadsheet that can be edited by anyone. Users may choose to type their name onto the guestbook, along with the time they signed it and their timezones.

TWOW Compare


The top-left corner of TWOW Compare as of TWOW 16B.

Scripted by Jamesterjim, TWOW Compare takes two TWOW contestants and puts their rows on all spreadsheets together. Users may select two contestants, and upon clicking "Compare," their rows from each of the other sheets will be placed next to each other for observation.

Anagrams Of The TWOWers

Anagrams of the TWOWers is a sheet which takes various contestants (along with Cary and Michael Huang) and finds semi-coherent rearrangements of the letters in their names. Most were discovered by TWOW Central user WorldanGo, but also has some contributions by Joseph Howard.



The top-left corner of Leaderboard as of TWOW 16B.

Leaderboard was the first sheet to be created and is the sheet which Cary links to in his video descriptions. Each row gives information about a certain contestant about his/her ranking in every episode and whether he/she responded to all prompts.

All contestants are sorted vertically based on ranking in TWOW (or in the most recent episode if the contestant is not eliminated yet).

Normalized Ranks

The Normalized Ranks sheet provides information about each contestant and how he/she place in terms of normalized ranks. Normalized ranks are calculating by dividing the difference of total contestants in an episode and the contestant's rank by the number of contestants. Cells with more saturated shades of red performed worse than less saturated cells.

All contestants are sorted vertically based on the highest average normalized rank.


The Mentions sheet displays the amount of times each contestant's name was said in an episode, the amount of episodes that that contestant was mentioned, and the total number of mentions.

The sheet is sorted by most mentions.

Ranks by Episode


The Prizes sheet shows how many times a contestant has top-10'd or top-3'd, and if so, what rank he/she earned. A dark gold color means that contestant earned a prize, a lighter shade of gold means that contestant reached the top 10 but did not receive a prize, a dark brown cell means that contestant got 3rd place, and a dark gray cell means that contestant got 2nd place.

The sheet is sorted by most prizes.


The Percentiles sheet displays each contestant's average percentiles every episode with boosts.

The sheet is sorted using the sum/average of all the percentiles.

Raw Percentiles

The Raw Percentiles sheet provides each contestant's average percentiles without boosts.

The sheet is sorted using the sum/average of all the percentiles.

Stand. Dev.

The Stand. Dev. sheet shows each contestant's standard deviation from every episode.

The sheet is sorted by the highest average standard deviation.

Other Stats

The Other Stats sheet provides bonus information about TWOW videos that are not significant enough to have their own sheets.


This section tells what time (PST) each episode was released and the time that passed since the last one.

The episodes are sorted chronologically.

Music Used in Videos

This section shows all the songs that were used in each episode.

The episodes are sorted chronologically.

Percentage Boosts

This section shows each contestant's boosts and the sum of all the boosts' values every episode.

The contestants are sorted by highest total boost values.

Total Votes

The Total Votes sheet displays each contestant's votes per episode and total votes.

The contestants are sorted by most total votes.

Letter Analysis

The Letter Analysis sheet lists each character that the contestants' names start with and tells how many contestants remain under each character.

The characters are sorted by ordinal value.

Rank Changes

The Rank Changes sheet shows the difference between a contestant's placement on one episode and the previous one.

The contestants are sorted by average difference.


The Calculations sheet shows the colors of each contestant's book and their TWOW 2B ranking. If he/she was eliminated by then, it shows his/her TWOW 1B ranking.


The Deities and Attic sheet, formerly "No-Man's Land," is a free space that, previously, anybody could edit and could suggest ideas for the spreadsheet, but was locked due to people not following rules. Most of the sheet has been deleted since then, but statues that decided the four original "TWOW gods," Riley, some_nerd (The Pi Guy), xXBombs_AwayXx, and GreenTree, and several suggestions remain.


The Discord Verification List sheet is to show which contestants joined TWOW Central.

The contestants are sorted by ranking.


  • some_nerd (The Pi Guy)'s work earned him his nickname, "some_nerd (The Spreadsheet Guy)," in-game as Cary relies on the spreadsheet for various statistics.
  • There is an error on the Prizes sheet: the cell marking The Futech Hacker's third place ranking in TWOW 11B is colored gray instead of brown.
  • The Total Votes sheet has an error where the cell that calculates the total votes targets itself instead of the cells containing the individual vote counts.