Juhmatok, wow! No, this is more than wow… it’s wow-er because you’re our power TWOWer.


Ten Words of Wisdom 6B is the fourteenth episode of and the second half of the sixth round of Ten Words of Wisdom season 1.


TWOW 6B marks the sixth legitimate B-part of an episode and is the longest TWOW episode up to this point apart from TWOW 1A.

To begin, Cary notes that this video’s episode number matches that of the ending point of BAGUETTE, which took about three times as many days to reach its episode 6B than TWOW did.

Following, Cary reiterates the TWOW 6 prompt and shows the voting statistics before bringing attention to Mike Ramsay’s 85-word response. Mike Ramsay having a sidekick gives cue for Cary to explain the sidekick system again and reveal the chosen sidekicks for the episode.

Cary then shows the winner alongside his winning response, which is now the TWOW 7 prompt. He points out the winning response’s low average percentile, which has been on a steady decrement since the first episode. He theorizes this to be the cause of either the increasing sample size or that voters are omitting responses from each vote (forming short votes such as “[TRACT B]”). He then expresses vocally his disapproval over these types of votes.

Upon revealing the rest of the top twenty, he notices Juhmatok’s astonishing top ten placing once again, which he has achieved in every episode since TWOW 2. Cary then recites a rhyming poem, demonstrating his shock at Juhmatok’s consistently high performance.

Afterwards, Cary comments on several of the top placing responses and then scrolls through the rest of the leaderboard. For the final safe contestants, he implements a new revelation system in which, somewhat similar to that used in the previous two episodes, safe TWOWers are moved one by one from a red region into a safe zone.

After eliminating the lowest placing contestants, Cary goes over ranking statistics such as voter rating distributions and the most controversial responses, also observing that sidekicks did not alter the regional ranking of any contestant and thus having essentially no effect in the final results.

Cary then ends the video by restating the TWOW 7 prompt.