Ten Words of Wisdom 5B is the second half of the fifth round of Ten Words of Wisdom season 1, and is the twelfth episode of the season.


Cary starts the episode by noting the brief gap between episodes and by restating the prompt. After showing the vote count, he talks about the continually decreasing winning average percentile before revealing the winner and his response. Next, Cary shows the top twenty and comments on these responses and then displays the rest of the leaderboard, the last portion using the same one-by-one reveal as last round.

Following the results reveal is statistics analysis, during which Cary mentions the usage of the word “photosynthesis” and shows the rating distributions of the most and least controversial responses. He also speaks about five contestants who have risen in ranking every episode.

Finally, Cary closes the episode with the TWOW 6 prompt and another explanation the sidekick prize.