Can I just say that we have too many “awkward aardvark”s? I’m starting to feel like there are more fictional aardvarks in TWOW than there are real aardvarks on Earth!


Ten Words of Wisdom 4B is the second half of the fourth round of Ten Words of Wisdom season 1, and is the tenth episode of the season.


Cary begins the episode by talking about prizes: he states the twist in TWOW 4’s prize has been removed and then shows the contestants selected to receive percentile bonuses by the previous top ten. Following, he mentions the vote count and reveals the winning response. He comments on the top twenty responses before the rest of the leaderboard is revealed. Cary also introduces a more dramatic, one-by-one reveal after getting close to the elimination threshold.

Afterward, Cary analyzes statistics for this round’s responses, which includes observing the number of designated words used in each response and trends that correlate with it. He also allows Meester Tweester to rejoin due to his elimination over a submission error.

Finally, Cary finishes by announcing and explaining the TWOW 5 prompt.