Now, jerri76, you wanted me to pronounce this word in my video, but I said I wouldn’t unless it hit the top ten, and I was sure I was safe because top ten is hard to get to, but… *sigh*… voters surprise me every time.


Ten Words of Wisdom 3B is the second half of the third round of Ten Words of Wisdom season 1, and is the eighth episode of the season.


Cary starts the video off by stating how glad he is that TWOW is running smoothly.

Cary then brings attention to Hazel Cricket’s response, from which he accidentally trimmed the first three words. To deal with the error, he establishes a policy for input errors: a five percent boost for a few characters and a ten percent boost for entire words, flexible to fit unusual circumstances. Under this rule, Jacoub the Person and edtringaming, who were eliminated in TWOW 2B but fell less than five percent under the threshold, would have been safe, so Cary lets them return. He also readmits Mar View since his response was missed entirely.

Moving onto the results, Cary notes the vote count and that no ties occurred. He then reiterates the prompt and reveals the winner, and then shows the top twenty, whose responses he begins to commentate, and notes Juhmatok’s two consecutive top ten placements. Afterward, he shows the most and least controversial responses. When the commentary finishes, the rest of the leaderboard is revealed.

The statistics analysis for this episode mainly includes Cary concentrating on the frequency of responses that mention Trump.

Finally, Cary concludes the episode by showing the words that the TWOW 2 top ten submitted along with the TWOW 4 prompt.