You can choose the beginning, the middle, the end—it’s completely up to you. Just try to choose… “randomly”.


Ten Words of Wisdom 1A is the first half of the first round of Ten Words of Wisdom season 1, and is the third episode of the season.


This episode mainly introduces the anonymity-interested voting system and allows the viewers to vote for the first time. After the voting pages conclude, Cary then briefly talks about BAGUETTE bonuses, elimination, and the prize for the next round.

The majority of the video’s length is comprised of Cary reading all 491 contestants’ names aloud in alphabetical order, a task that ultimately takes about fifteen minutes to complete.


The prompt "What happened to the 31st of November?" got 491 responses from 491 contestants. The top 10 would get a double response prize, meaning they could do two entries each in TWOW 2. The bottom 98 with the worst percentiles would get eliminated in the next episode.