You stupid little… uh… shiny cowards! (That’s a new insult now, TWOW Certified!)


Ten Words of Wisdom 12B is the second half of the twelfth round of Ten Words of Wisdom, and is the the twenty-sixth episode of the season.


TWOW 12B marks the twelfth legitimate B-part of an episode.

To start off, Cary shows some fan artwork and contribution to the TWOW Statistics spreadsheet by playfully saying that the community has pillaged the Requests section (currently known as "DEITIES AND ATTIC"). He also mentions the new "TWOW gods," Riley, some_nerd (The Pi Guy), xXBombs_AwayXx, and GreenTree.

Afterwards, Cary talks about the extreme vote count (19,136). This is also the first episode where he refers to these voters as "Shiny Cowards", referencing the previous prompt.

For most of the video, Cary reveals which five contestants were eliminated and talks about the top 10 responses sent. Once that's done, he states the TWOW 13 prompt to end off the video.