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At the start, Cary announces that XxBombs_AwayxX Provided proof of Juhmatok and Midnight Light being Alts of Ferok, An account eliminated in Twow 1B. Then cary said that having multiple accounts wasn't really that bad, but he discourages it. He says "No multiple accounts for voting!" Aswell.Then he Reannounces the prompt. "Make us feel sympathy for some thing we would otherwise never feel sympathetic towards." And then announces the rankings.

The last marble racer is eliminated this episode.


1st: Yessoan: In Chess, pawns cannot retreat, only charge to their deaths.

Per: 71.52

Std Dev: 28.17

2nd: Midnight Light: I feel really bad for Antarctica: it's just so ice-solated.

Per: 67.35

Std Dev: 29.90

3rd: FlareonTheFlareon: Math books feel so much despair from all their problems.

Per: 61.84

Std Dev: 30.77

4th: Some_Nerd (The Pi Guy): Glowsticks are brutally broken and are thoughtlessly discarded after fading.

Per: 61.19

Std Dev: 28.59

5th: John Petrucci: Math Textbooks. Just like us, they have tons of problems.

Per: 59.74

Std Dev: 28.59

6th: Quinn Ruddy: Don't hate on math. it's just looking for it's x!

Per: 58.50

Std Dev: 33.79

7th: Riley: Punching Bags get beaten every day, and nobody helps them.

Per: 57.73

Std Dev: 30.79

8th: Tak Ajnin: Grass makes Earth beautiful and we just trample it ruthlessly.

Per: 57.70

Std Dev: 29.42

9th: Mike Ramsay: Poor pepper shakers, they're always getting charged with a salt.

Per: 57.20

Std Dev: 30.81

10th: Beanme100: Mosquitoes have multi-million-dollar companies created to suppress and slaughter them.

Per: 56.49

Std Dev: 31.44

11th: xXBombs_AwayXx: Fires suffer from lung cancer because they can't stop smoking.

Per: 55.83

Std Dev: 32.12

12th: Sam Billinge: The sock was alone, left in the dryer forever...

Per: 55.65

Std Dev: 31.69

13th: Rinkrat02: Fruits watch as their brethren are chopped and served effortlessly

Per: 55.01

Std Dev: 27.62

14th: Juhmatok: Newspapers are always being criticized for having too many issues.

Per: 54.85

Std Dev: 31.44

15th: Greentree: Stairs are mercilessly kicked and stamped on all the time.

Per: 54.63

Std Dev: 29.86

16th: Crafty7: Computers are always so annoyed because everyone pushes their buttons!

Per: 54.29

Std Dev: 29.86

17th: Joseph Howard: Swiper from Dora was kleptomaniacal. He needed help, not shaming.

Per: 54.22

Std dev: 34.02

18th: Pokemonmanic3596: Baby carrots are delicious; even though you're eating carrot children.

Per: 53.85

Std Dev: 30.76

19th: DeeandEd: Homework devastates poor living things by killing 4,000,000,000 trees annually.

Per: 52.78

Std Dev: 31.10

20th: Taopwnh6427: Do tissues enjoy being covered in boogers? Of course snot.

Per: 52.54

Std Dev: 28.62

21st: Alexlion0511: Everyday, Pebbles get stepped on. Together, we'll stop this abuse.

Per: 52.53

Std Dev: 30.22

22nd: Meester Tweester: Sympathize spiders, since without them, bugs would rule the world.

Per: 51.74

Std dev: 30.33

23rd: JenningsAsYetUntitled: Whilst we kill fellow bugs, all they want are hugs.

Per: 51.32

Std Dev: 29.44

24th: steveminecraft46: Blood makes out bodies function, most just say it's gross

Per: 51.16

Std dev: 32.54

25th: Spicyman33: Rocks aren't the greatest friends, But they try their Hard-est!

Per: 49.87

Std Dev: 30.17

26th:TheMightyMidge: The Plates looked on helplessly, as their friend shattered mercilessly.

Per: 49.51

Std Dev: 28.70

27th: Qwerbyking: Pity Death, for he has nobody to play checkers with.

Per: 49.33

Std Dev: 30.09

28th: The Futech Hacker: Toilet paper cleans bottoms, and get thrown into sewers? Why?!

Per: 48.83

Std Dev: 31.44

29th: THATcommentor: Stop slamming your alarm clocks, they have fuzzy feelings too.

Per: 47.45

Std Dev: 29.57

30th: Ping Pong Cup Shots: "Mown-grass smell" is actually grass's attempt of healing injuries.

Per: 46.68

Std Dev: 32.16

31st: Ni Hao Guylan: Pencils are shredded down to a stub when they're sharpened.

Per: 45.04

Std Dev: 28.42

32nd: Ean EStone: The pencil was ground into shavings from the head down.

Per: 45.01

Std Dev: 26.75

33rd: Christian deWeever: Plug in air freshers, always empty, like a broken heart.

Per: 43.90

Std Dev: 26.34

34th: Stalemate: Small trees are chopped down for being not big enough.

Per: 43.80

Std Dev: 24.79

Eliminated 35th: fryUaj: A shoe cannot buy an in-SHOE-rance for not getting dirty!

Per: 42.89

Std Dev: 30.29

36th: John Dubuc: One tulip was incapable of blooming, therefore it tragically perished.

Per: 42.89

Std Dev: 31.97

37th: NitroNinja: Ice-Cream tastes magnificent, though it often falls at our feet.

Per: 38.66

Std Dev: 29.99

38th: Smileyworkscompany: Wasps are frustrated because bees are racists and banished them.

Per: 38.06

Std Dev: 28.93

39th: chicinitz: House centipedes, although hard attack inducing, kill bugs like cockroaches.

Per: 37.59

Std Dev: 28.80

40th: TimVideo 326: Lightning gives power lines energy! Actually, that's just my philosophy.

Per: 36.83

Std Dev: 31.24

41st: AnimationCreated: The spider got lost and couldn't find it's way home.

Per: 35.67

Std Dev: 31.20

42nd: legotd61: Every time you get chocolate, and Oompa Loompa gets sick.

Per: 35.09

Std Dev: 31.21

43rd: Ulises Castillo: The Tiny Loser Chamber but with Cary and TWOWers inside

Per: 28.14

Std Dev: 32.83