This isn't quite relevant anymore cuz Leonardo does have an Oscar now. But ignoring that, both of you have gotten very close to winning the gold. I thought both of your near-victory responses (5,9) were deserving of #1, and I'm sure you'll get it eventually!

Spicyman33, labelled The Leonardo DiCaprio of TWOW, is a contestant who ranked sixth in Ten Words of Wisdom season 1.

Game status

Spicyman33 is currently eliminated at sixth, having been on TWOW 21B.


  • Spicyman33's custom book uses the colors for "CA" for the base.
  • Spicyman33 read the entire Bee Movie script at HTwins Central on December 4, 2016.
    • Discord developers appeared to notice, mentioning the speech and some_nerd (The Pi Guy) in Twitter posts.
    • Former TWOWer Crafty7 recorded the entire reading and posted it to YouTube, before it was copyright stricken.
  • Spicyman33's elimination card was animated.
  • Spicy's longest nickname, Picybarryscootpwa, is seventeen letters long. This ties it with Ping Pong Cup Shots' nickname 'OTTWDTEWMITFGLTAM' for the longest unofficial nickname.
  • Spicyman33 was the last "S" book on TWOW.
  • Spicyman33's spray bottle is based on Auto Cats's response for TWOW 2, "Hi I'm barry scott! Bang and the cold is gone", recreated in two-word confessional chunks by five TWOWers.
  • Spicyman33 also starred in multiple seasons of "Hardcores" outside of the TWOW community.

Appearance changes and confessionals

Episode Book Nickname Confessional Notes
TWOW 1A Sp - -
TWOW 13A The Leonardo DiCaprio of TWOW -
TWOW 14A S1spicyman33-1 Hey, everyone! I'm Spicyman33 and I like spicy food. (Surprise, right?) Anyways, if you haven't, please come join the TWOW discord! I'm talking to you, Meester Tweester, Mike Ramsay, Joseph Howard, and Midnight Light!
TWOW 15A Bang and
TWOW 16A S1spicyman33

This confessional is sponsored by #JusticeForPen. Pen should be in BFDIA, he's much different from the Snow-Era-Blocky crowd! Join the #JusticeForPen group today.

Hey! I see you paused the video. Nice to meet you. My name’s Spicyman33. It’s interesting how this whole thing came to be, huh? I sent this wall of text to Cary, and in the events you’re reading this it means it worked, and I got this text into TWOW 16a. It’s kinda weird how much power I have, huh? I mean, this whole page is my own. So how’s life been going? Mine’s been pretty good. I’d like to give a shout-out to xXBombs_AwayXx, Riley, and some_nerd (The Pi Guy), aka the “gods” of TWOW. Pretty funny how they got eliminated one by one, ain’t it? It’s because they’re not gods. They’re fake. That’s right. THEY LIED. THEY ARE NOT GODS. So…do you think GreenTree is being eliminated next round? It sure would be fitting, wouldn’t it? I’m actually feeling pretty confident about my TWOW 16 entry. But then again, there’s not really much I speculate. The competition is so close, it’s kinda incredible! I would like to wish luck to all remaining TWOWers, I really enjoy talking to all of you. May the best TWOWer win! And wow. You’re still reading this? I’m honestly impressed. You do realize how much time you’re wasting right now, right? Let’s see, as of me writing this spiel, it’s…4:18 AM, on the 2nd of July. Hey, it’s my birthday in 4 days! That’s strange. Anyways, I figure I should be wrapping this up. As a thanks for reading through all this nonsense, have a special link to a video I made a while back but privated! Here it is: Thanks again! I hope to see you in TWOW 17!

TWOW 17A Three acronyms? Killer! Abiding jealousy, no? I’m notorious!

Hey! So recently, I caught wind that Crafty was planning on riding off of my “salty confessional” about ML's winning response, or something like that. Well, fun fact: said confessional never existed, and never will exist. I was playing up the palindrome hate the whole time. You just got pranked.

Anyways, since I’m not feeling too extremely confident about what I’ve entered, I have a few things to say. First of all, I’d like to quickly disprove this rumor that I “despise Midnight Light” or something, because it’s completely and utterly false. I’d consider myself friends with her, the same with just about all of the top 22! At least, those that are active. Seriously though, stop acting like I hate her or something, please! (And congrats on her win, too!)

Second: I realized that no one has ever used confessionals for shout outs. So, miscellaneous shout out time because I can: shout out to chichinitz, Zwei, Zane (Stalemate), gabe, vldmort, Paradoxenon, Florg, Riley (buy her single), GreenTree, and Nerd, and Joseph Howard. Also, happy soon to be and/or already passed birthdays to Juhmatok (7th) , PPCS (9th) , and Jennings AYU (22nd)! I believe thouse should all warrant an actual, legit, not from confessional mentions. It’s been 13 episodes since Juhmatok got her last one, after all!

So, fell free to cut this since my confessional has gone on long enough, but I’d really also like to give a shout out to you, Cary. Honestly, the things you’ve done have been incredible…it’s no wonder you’re mine (and many others, I presume) favorite youtuber. I mean, seriously. It’s almost amazing how much work you can juggle, from TWOW, to BFDI…Amazing Marble Races,, Evolution Simulator, Carelics…not to mention the fact that a mere year ago today, you were seemingly done with youtube forever. It’s actually pretty wonderful how interactive you are with the community, despite their sometimes incessant and weird demands, persistent criticism, and whatever else. Hell, just as I’m writing this thing up you’ve released Elemental 3, and you’ve been helping adjust it and make some very important fixes even with the pure craziness that happened. Keep up the great work, and thanks for making such high quality videos on such a frequent scale!
TWOW 19A (Image)
TWOW 20A S1spicyman33-3
I have temporarily changed my form in honor of Ollism. Because...why not. Take that, Midnight. We know who's the real devoted one. Also shout out to WhaiJay, Lpcarver, Anonyman, Plutoniumcube, WorldanGo, FilliMilly, lifeofchrome, and #cherrydot. TWOW has been an awesome experience, good luck to my other 6 competitors! If I go out this episode, I can safely say I have no regrets.
TWOW 21A S1spicyman33
Welcome to Spicy's SELLOUT CORNER! Today I'll be selling out.

Do you ever feel crippling loneliness? Come talk to people at HTwins Central! (

If you then begin to despise those people and wanna blindside those snake ass motherheckers, or just want to do trivia, come join the Discord Game Hub! (

And if you feel sad because you missed out on TWOW S1, come join Dark's MiniTWOW Hub where you can fill that TWOW hole in your heart. Season 5 starting soon! (

This concludes Spicy's sellout corner. Remember kids, dabbing is for people who die at a young age!



Round Ranking Response Average percentile Standard deviation Normalized ranking Word count
1 169 If the internet had a say, it was Donald Trump 56.256% 29.821% 65.7143% 10
2 18 Light a flame, and burn the house down. Great fun! 69.7237% 25.9661% 95.0549% 10
3 11 It was made out of kittens. Adorable overload. Millions dead. 66.3719% 28.4794% 96.1977% 10
4 33 An aardvark advanced awkwardly, aggressively attacking an abrasive antelope. Alliteration! 59.6198% 31.5655% 84.0796% 10
5 2 Plants love taking pics / Since they frequently go through / Photo-synthesis! 69.543% 31.9301% 99.3789% 10
6 18 Write a rhyme about a time someone committed a crime. 58.7709% (SK ↓) 26.6692% 85.8333% 10
7 42 Presidential position promises plenty of power... so I'd probably party! 47.6286% + 5% 30.5085% 58% 10
8 11 Many Add Yummy (Or Nasty) Non-nutritious Additions In Sandwiches. Enjoy! 62.1257% 26.1617% 85.5072% 10
9 4 O(pi)nions are (not) all(owed in) you(tube comments. Gr)eat. (They're) Gross. 68.2833% 30.988% 94.4444% 10
10 25 Rocks aren't the greatest friends, but they try their hard-est! 49.8665% 30.1725% 42.8571% 10
11 22 Consuming cats is as cat-astrophic as exting-guessing this prompt's meaning. 48.4826% 32.4098% 40.5405% 10
12 14 The trees: slathered in poopy mayonnaise! Jade caught Ruby "red-handed". 49.4525% 30.5864% 48.1481% 10
13 1 Well, Cary said we only had to misspell "ehvuree wuhred"... 60.5147% 38.4456% 100% 10
14 1 10 Varying All Responses In Alternating Techniques, Illustrating Optional Naming Style. 51.3629% 29.6108% 42.1053% 10
14 2 10.1 Homelessness is rampant internationally, whilst Americans moan about unsatisfactory internet. 51.3624% 30.9528% 36.8421% 10
15 9 Come down to Riley's! You'll have a doggone good time! 50.7226% 32.9261% 50% 10
16 1 Perhaps you should consider your own image before insulting me. 58.3698% 29.5961% 100% 10
17 1 7 Blindly Attacking The Troops Lurking Everywhere, Shooting Highly Inconsistent Projectiles. 52.5011% 29.2615% 61.9048% 10
17 2 10.3 Intense, complex, nausea inducing, condescending hyperbole for extra arrogant tone. 43.047% 29.6496% 23.8095% 10
17 3 10.8 Bang, Always Ridding Ridiculously Yucky Surfaces Clean Of Their Trash! 37.4279% 30.1705% 0% 10
18 1 5 Secretly car(r)y th(ese) (th)ir(ty-)s(ome)t(hing) s(weet) (s)t(ra)w(berry) (fl)owers (from the) p(l)ain. * 53.1208% 31.5714% 72.2222% 10
18 2 8.3 I had some b(owls) o(f) (lee)ring (pho) (to)day. Dream (opportunity!) 43.2975% 26.2537% 27.7778% 10
19 1 3 Try saying "dark". It's pretty short. Thus, about a second! 57.4485% 29.1927% 87.5% 10
19 2 3.1 Just above the speed limit. Dark won't follow your RULES. 54.2455% 29.2585% 81.25% 10
20 1 2 If I win, I'll read the entire Bee Move script. 59.248% 36.4012% 92.8571% 10
20 2 2.1 I won't be pushy! Rank me wherever your heart desires! 54.5092% 29.807% 85.7143% 10
21 1 6 It won boosts to mourn and honor Puhpucks' tragic passing. 51.1142% 29.496264% 50% 10
21 2 6.3 It sought TWOW's WISDOM! ...but it only got JoHo's TRP. 48.7517% 30.37515581% 25% 10

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