Wow. There's no doubt that your spreadsheet is the most comprehensive, impressive, and fascinating fan-made creation I've ever seen from TWOW. Thanks for putting in all that work to analyze TWOW. Also, you've gotten the last safe spot twice, whoa.

some_nerd (The Pi Guy), labelled some_nerd (The Spreadsheet Guy), is a contestant who ranked fourteenth in Ten Words of Wisdom season 1.

Game status

some_nerd is currently eliminated in TWOW 15B, but he doesn't have to. Interestingly, he got the double response prize the previous episode, and his responses were voted the two worst ones.

This is the first time this has ever happened in TWOW, this again happened in TWOW 18B with his wife.

Community interaction

some_nerd (The Pi Guy) is best known for his work on TWOW Statistics, a spreadsheet that documents the performance of every contestant and response in TWOW, and analyzes this data. Its inclusion of several sheets created purely for humorous intent, such as No-Man's Land, allowed it to serve as a place for community members to interact with one another before the inception of HTwins Central. And also, he has erections.

some_nerd has since become and continues to be a part of the MiniTWOW community. He has also hosted his own: ShopTWOW.


  • He is the only TWOWer other than Midnight Light to have both their responses place in the bottom two.
  • Before elimination, some_nerd customized his book as a tribute to previously eliminated final 18 players.
  • some_nerd was one of the four "TWOW gods" (as shown on the spreadsheet), along with Riley, xXBombs_ AwayXx, and GreenTree. Unfortunately, he was one of the three who were eliminated in consecutive episodes since TWOW 13.
  • some_nerd revealed that he had entered TWOW with an alt account, Mason Liu (ThePiGuy31415926535).

Appearance changes and confessionals

Episode Book Nickname Confessional Notes
TWOW 1A So - -
TWOW 13A some_nerd (The Spreadsheet Guy) -
TWOW 14A S1some nerd-1 New styles! Will this nerd's brand new look keep him in for a few more rounds! I sure hope so! NERDINESS! PI!
TWOW 15A Some nerd's penis Barry Scott!
TWOW 21B Some nerd's penis -



Round Ranking Response Average percentile Standard deviation Normalized ranking Word count
1 40 Autumn was too long so November 31st was kicked out. 68.611% 22.756% 92.0408% 10
2 92 'Beat' it with a club or win in a race 57.5324% 22.44% 74.4505% 10
3 211 The Fountain of Youth, Atlantis, and El Dorado were there. 41.5532% 31.7661% 20.1521% 10
4 25 On Sunny's world, dodecagon-shaped factories manufactured awkward aardvarks and snakes. 50.978% + 10% 30.8127% 88.0597% 10
5 46 Plants are wonderful, / Always giving oxygen. / We should be thankful. 54.9863% 27.5917% 72.0497% 10
6 68 How did BFDIA contestants learn to walk, think, and communicate? 50.2861% 34.0203% 44.1667% 10
7 30 Make joining TWOW season 2 mandatory so everyone can compete! 54.9748% 27.0413% 71% 10
8 39 People Representing Everyone Staying In Democratic, Enabling Nations That Shine! 50.0241% 26.0921% 44.9275% 10
9 24 (Im)patient (carykh sub)scribe(r)s scream '(T)WOW!' if there are(n't TWOW) books. 51.8218% 28.9624% 57.4074% 10
10 4 Glowsticks are brutally broken and are thoughtlessly discarded after fading. 61.1889% 28.5893% 92.8571% 10
11 28 Lolcat-loving commenters destroy cowards' internal flames to boost their self-esteem. 45.2645% 28.3728% 21.6216% 10
12 13 Ruby was JADEd against climbing. Gemstones hate falling and shattering. 49.7091% 27.7707% 51.8519% 10
13 10 Mai substanderd Engrish ish ann impedimant to mai souperior intallact. 51.8098% 30.5241% 58.3333% 10
14 3 Multiple people from different backgrounds can agree to peacefully coexist. 57.3425% 28.771% 89.4737% 10
15 1 14 Tantalize your salivary glands and tongues at our Sleazy Restaurant! 42.9883% 27.3995% 6.25% 10
15 2 14.1 Buddy! Want to eat something? You know you want to.... 41.907% 32.4295% 0% 10
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