You've actually flown under the radar for most of TWOW, which I think is cool and sneaky. I'll say you're level-headed because you weren't greedy for attention (cough Mike Ramsay) or riches. Also, I noticed 2/3 TWOWers who started with Q made final 25. Go team Q!

QwerbyKing, labelled Level-headed Underdog, is a contestant who ranked twelfth in Ten Words of Wisdom season one.

Game status

QwerbyKing ranked twelfth in season 1, getting eliminated on 16B.


  • QwerbyKing is The third TWOWer to automatically be declared eliminated after FryUaj and Alexlion0511.
  • Qwerby has placed 12th 3 times. However, one resulted in elimination.
  • Qwerby placed exactly ten spots higher than the other final twenty-two underdog, Jennings AsYetUntitled.
  • Qwerby is the sixth contestant to fall victim to the Efficiency Curse.
  • QwerbyKing is one of three TWOWers to start with Q, and the only Q TWOWer to not start with 'Quin'.
    • This means Qwerby's book is completely unique, and no other TWOWer has this book.

Appearance changes and confessionals

Episode Book Nickname Confessional Notes
TWOW 1A Qw - -
TWOW 13A Level-headed Underdog -
TWOW 14A S1qwerbyking To do well in TWOW, you just have to moss. Lie on a rock, suck energy from surrounding organisms, and contribute minimally to the good of the collective. Also helpful: submitting responses.
TWOW 15A -
TWOW 16A You seem to have forgotten Cary, I play Euchre. Your hoodoo voodoo magic can't break through my bauers.



Round Ranking Response Average percentile Standard deviation Normalized ranking Word count
1 66 Julius Caesar probably messed something up like he usually does. 64.688% 35.249% 86.7347% 10
2 190 Go all Saint Nick with the boots, coat, and hat. 49.7076% 24.7124% 46.4286% 10
3 144 Non Euclidean geometry caused it to be subjected to spaghettification. 48.7476% 32.449% 45.6274% 10
4 94 Note the arbitrary alliteration of an awkward aardvark advocating antidisestablishmentarianism. 53.095% 26.8756% 53.7313% 10
5 80 Plants have weird systems, / Circulatory mainly, / It's really quite strange. 49.9802% 29.859% 49.6894% 10
6 50 Concoct a plan for total world domination from your room. 52.8977% 27.7312% 59.1667% 10
7 29 Wonder where on Earth I got the necessary American citizenship. 55.0791% 27.5744% 72% 10
8 52 Disastrous And Zealously Zesty Like Infinite Ninjas Grasping Laser Yachts 43.8342% 23.9425% 26.087% 10
9 14 My teacher said, "(From tri)go(nometry), to the fun(ctions) (of) fai(lu)r(e)." 60.0334% 29.9108% 75.9259% 10
10 27 Pity Death, for he has nobody to play checkers with. 49.3326% 30.0874% 38.0952% 10
11 5 Commenters and cats contain common characteristics that cowards cannot comprehend. 58.8634% 32.1505% 89.1892% 10
12 16 Jade knew, because neither her, nor Ruby, had opposable thumbs. 48.1882% 30.7648% 40.7407% 10
13 12 Speling reeform iz kee too ferthering eezy conversayshun amungst peeple. 50.9182% 26.4897% 50% 10
14 5 Diversity! It's a notable constituent of every culturally relevant civilization. 55.2412% 27.6358% 78.9474% 10
15 12 Tattoos and piercings too expensive? Come to Parental Disappointment Pizzeria. 49.3615% 31.9069% 31.25% 10
16 12 Arrest, chromatic cretin! Egregiously empty falsehoods highlight my rampant superiority. 33.8976% 28.617% 0% 10

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