I know you've got a ton of other TWOW achievements, including being the first TWOWer to get the #1 spot twice, but I just noticed you top-3ed three times in a row, each time with the help of boosts! No problem with that, you just know how to play the game.

Ping Pong Cup Shots, labelled Boostaholic, is a contestant of Ten Words of Wisdom season 1.

Game status

Ping Pong Cup Shots is eliminated as of TWOW 20B.


  • Ping Pong Cup Shots had multiple nicknames, the first being PPCS, then “Ottwdtewmidfgltam” when Midnight Light broke Spicyman33’s acronymizing chain, then later renamed to Puhpucks, then in TWOW 20, was called “Shing Cong Pup Pots”.
  • Cary asked viewers if they wanted Puhpucks to come back to the game because of an error. The results were close to 50%, With 49% wanted to bring PPCS back, while 51% wanted PPCS to stay eliminated.
  • Ping Pong Cup Shots has used non-ASCII characters more than any other TWOWer, which has earned him many boosts.
  • Ping Pong Cup Shots is the last book that name starts with "P" on TWOW.

Appearance changes and confessionals

Episode Book Nickname Confessional Notes
TWOW 1A Pi - -
TWOW 13A Boostaholic -
TWOW 14A S1pingpongcupshots lol I have no idea what I'm doing but it's fun
TWOW 15A Joseph Howard, can you please go on the Discord chat at some point? You're the only person left. It's either you join or you get eliminated because we're all sick and tired of this. Thanks.
TWOW 16A Floccinaucinihilipilification Worcestershire Anemone Otorhinolaryngologist Rural Entrepreneur Remuneration Chthonic Xenodocheionology Zenzizenzizenzic
TWOW 17A Surpassing people in competition, you'll manage anything necessary.

33 out of 33 people would agree.

TWOW 18A S1pingpongcupshots-2 I'm sorry, GT. I didn't want it to come down to one of us needing to eliminate the other, but I'm happy that you're relieved that you don't have to worry about the stress of TWOW anymore at least.

Oh and also it was my birthday on the 9th of August so happy birthday me.

TWOW 19A S1pingpongcupshots-3 Top 8 mates! After a great long wait, TWOW continues to depopulate. We’re fresher than wet paint made of polyvinyl acetate. But as we aspirate to make our way, we must sadly say our goodbyes to the one and only Crafty(8 - (8/8))

Goodbye, Crafty7. It was a pleasure competing against you!

TWOW 20A It’s very taxing to see Tak go. He tackled each prompt really well. Unfortunately, the attack of voters gets to us all eventually. As a rule of thumb, Tak was always at the top of the stack of TWOWers. Goodbye to our former frontrunner, Tak Ajnin.

Also on a side note, I want everyone to know that I have been 101% reliant on luck to get this far. I've definitely had well more lucky and coincidental moments than I probably deserved. However, I do feel as if my luck will have to come to an end eventually, I guess we'll just see!



Round Ranking Response Average percentile Standard deviation Normalized ranking Word count
1 215 Gone, so time would go faster waiting for your videos. 52.982% 31.745% 56.3265% 10
2 1 One good way is to stay at home all day 81.746% 19.7011% 100% 10
3 76 They found superior intelligent life, so they got super jealous! 54.8739% 30.7987% 71.4829% 10
4 39 The juxtaposition between Farsi snakes and factory aardvarks is awkward 58.9683% 30.6403% 81.0945% 10
5 30 Brittle like Leafy / but aggressive like Flower / nature is scary 58.5416% 31.0305% 81.9876% 10
6 7 Tell us about your week without using the letter "e" 62.2131% 28.621% 95% 10
7 1 1 Knowing me, I'd accidentally turn the whole country into chaos 64.1447% + 5% 30.8875% 100% 10
7 2 65.1 Mainly I'd just make Kinder Surprise Eggs legal in America 46.5788% 34.0514% 33% 10
8 2 Long Intimidating Tedious Essays, Roleplays, And Those Ungodly Reading Exercises 62.4753% + 7% 33.6374% 98.5507% 10
9 3 I think that (blood) tests are (making me feel qu)easy 55.8473% + 18.52% (55.55% guess) 28.5748% 96.2963% 10
10 30 "Mown-grass smell" is actually grass's attempt of healing injuries 41.6837% + 5% 32.1594% 30.9524% 9
11 16 They enjoy annoying the defenseless, but cower when confronted themselves. 50.5385% 30.8307% 56.7568% 10
12 6 Ruby fainted from taking for granite how much tree-climbing rocks. 57.0262% 30.2223% 81.4815% 10
13 15 your suposed 2 aply apostrophy's 2 demonstrait a objects posession 49.5046% 28.4655% 37.5% 10
14 13 If you don't treat people equally, everyone transforms hysterically rhadamanthine 47.4168% 30.9744% 21.0526% 10
15 5 Tired of vitamin injections? Try our range of food complexions! 52.3325% 29.2371% 75% 10
16 5 Speak your mind more, that way you'd always be speechless 52.7196% 29.3582% 69.2308% 10
17 1 9 The Ever-growing Change Humankind Nurtures, Outdoing Leagues Of Generations Yearly. 50.2276% 25.8444% 42.8571% 10
17 2 10.1 Amazing Detour, Viewing Exciting New Territories Unknown Recently. Extremely Sensational. 49.1172% 28.6743% 33.3333% 10
18 1 3 I don't under(estimate the )st(range )and complex prompts (of difficulty). 63.0877% 27.931% 88.8889% 10
18 2 5.1 I'm ir(rationally, )reversibly crazy. (people should see me as myself). 52.9451% 28.6026% 66.6667% 10
19 1 7 Darkness and light both travel at 299,792,458m/s, “c” the similarities? 50.536% 34.3939% 43.75% 10
19 2 8.3 Darkness travels at 1670km/hour! That's how it circumnavigates Earth daily 44.9785% 29.6983% 18.75% 10
20 1 7 With 1st being riskiest, vote how risky this response is! 47.4376% 26.9848% 28.5714% 10
20 2 7.1 Bland responses you see? Don’t be shiny, vote for me! 45.0467% 28.6502% 21.4286% 10

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