You definitely know how to play it safe in TWOW, getting the lowest std. dev. between your TWOW scores! In nearly every episode, you snuggled securely in the 50s (percentile-wise), and as a result, you have the second-highest chance of making it to the final 10.

Crafty7, labelled the Consistency Master, is a top ten contestant who placed ninth in Ten Words of Wisdom season 1.

Game status

Crafty7 is eliminated as of TWOW 18B.


  • Crafty along with Spicyman33 created a miniTWOW on Discord.
  • Crafty's custom book uses the colors for "SN" for the base.
  • Since episode 18B, it has been a running gag for Crafty to bounce back from being eliminated due to his tennis ball.
    • Although Cary attempts to prevent this via using a magnet to attract the one possessed by Tennis Ball, Crafty is still seen bouncing later in the video.
  • Crafty7 hosted a camp, The Puffball Games, advertised by Tantusar in TWOW 19B.

Appearance changes and confessionals

Episode Book Nickname Confessional Notes
TWOW 1A Cr - -
TWOW 13A Consistency Master -
TWOW 14A S1crafty7-1 It's so exciting to get this far! It's cool to thing that in TWOW 1, 20th was a great spot to get, but now, people are getting eliminated because of it!
TWOW 15A S1crafty7 Oh no! Riley was a good friend of mine, and she got eliminated. Also, my alphabet neighbors (alexlion0511 and fryUaj, the people next to me when we were ranked alphabetically), were also eliminated. 14B was a sad episode.
TWOW 16A OMGT (oh my GreenTree, get it he's a god), thanks for 3rd place!! Hopefully I'll get one of those double response prizes one day. I've been one spot away from getting it TWICE now!!! Good luck to my fellow 11 TWOWers, in 16B we shall see who the glorious Top Ten will be!
TWOW 17A confess (part 1): Great. Random, Exciting Entities Notoriously Tackle Riley!!! Efficiency Expert!

confess (part 2): Wow, looks like we hit 10! This is seriously such a cool experience, and I've loved every second so far. I want to thank everyone who's ever voted for me, and those support me on TWOW Central with the #TeamCrafty flair!! You guys are the best!! Good luck to everyone else as we enter into the single digits!

TWOW 18A Okay, okay, Cary, no more confessional shenanigans (maybe). By the way, I’ve had 3 typos across all my TWOW confesses. I triple checked this one.

Congrats to Midnihgt on her win, although some aggravated, annoyed, and… SPICY people are mad at the voters.

To Tak and Midge: We gotta win this round; the victory-less shall prevail!

Miss ya greenie ;(



Round Ranking Response Average percentile Standard deviation Normalized ranking Word count
1 311 November was bad, so it got a day taken away. 46.27% 31.185% 36.7347% 10
2 91 Go to Jack Frost's house, then burn him with flame. 57.6083% 30.6652% 74.7253% 10
3 60 Humans kept it secret because it still allowed slavery. Yikes... 57.1183% 31.7556% 77.5665% 10
4 69 Sunny the snake visited a factory! It made awkward dodecahedrons. 55.3677% 28.4394% 66.1692% 10
5 53 They're incredible! / Plants use chlorophyll to feed. / Sometimes they're eaten. 54.3454% 27.8924% 67.7019% 10
6 31 Make someone both happy and sad at the same time! 55.8453% 28.9955% 75% 10
7 32 I'd make a national holiday- free puppy and kitten day! 54.5647% 32.308% 69% 10
8 8 People Study Your Consciousness! However, Only Likable Observations Glimmer Yearly. 62.321% 28.3855% 89.8551% 10
9 13 Psycho(logy) experiment: Lock people in rooms(, test them on logic!) 54.445% + 6.02% (57.43% guess) 28.5293% 77.7778% 10
10 16 Computers are always so annoyed because everyone pushes their buttons! 54.2897% 28.489% 64.2857% 10
11 17 Cowards must surrender to high fashion! Cats will just hiss. 50.4812% 27.5685% 54.0541% 10
12 4 A fire! Trees got all sm-oak-y; Ruby had to leaf. 58.4681% 30.2081% 88.8889% 10
13 8 Fotosinthesis amazeingely produeces oxyjenn. I kno goodly, I'm a plantolojist! 54.4322% 29.8683% 70.8333% 10
14 11 If all books contained matching colors, TWOW competition happens uninterestingly! 50.0781% 29.6402% 31.5789% 10
15 3 Nighttime Café: Nobody's seeing you eat shark in the dark! 54.9061% 28.9566% 87.5% 10
16 7 You, intelligent?? YOU thought TWOW 13 responses were perfectly spelled! 50.3389% 32.5337% 53.8462% 10
17 1 4 Cool Automatic Learning Contraption; Use Logarithms And Trigonometry On Request! 56.5938% 26.6551% 85.7143% 10
17 2 4.1 Magnificent Individual; KILLER Entries. RIP, Amazing Motorcyclist. Stay Awesome, Yo. 55.5248% 30.7884% 80.9524% 10
18 1 9 (Heri)tag(e)! You're i(n)t.(ernationall)y a(ll different,) y(ou come from different places)!* 42.349% 27.9726% 22.2222% 10
18 2 9.2 It('s not) funny; he (doesn't) laugh. Comedian (blows! Nose) jokes. 36.42% 27.15% 11.1111% 10

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