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Cary (host)

“Scary Cary”

Cary Kaiming Huang (or, to distinguish from other personalities in the show, Yellow Cary) is a student computer scientist, hobbyist animator, and hobbyist voice actor who currently attends Stanford University as a college student. He owns the YouTube channel carykh, which contains Ten Words of Wisdom and its predecessor, BAGUETTE, and co-owns jacknjellify, which hosts the Battle for Dream Island web series.

Cary and his twin brother Michael were both born on March 18, 1997. According to Michael, Cary is older by two minutes.

In TWOW, Cary represents himself using a stick figure with a yellow head. To signify other personalities, such as his rival Orange Cary, he recolors the head and manipulates his voice quality while speaking.



carykh channel icon

The carykh YouTube channel serves as the main point of access for all Ten Words of Wisdom season one content. It was created on July 15, 2011, and was verified on April 20, 2018.

carykh also contains multiple AI videos and Cary’s other, more minor, or older projects, which include Goime 500, along with more recent works such as the Game of Life and Death and Timed Minesweeper.

The channel’s logo is a reference to Cary's game called Cube Roll. It is featuring nine other channels, which include Michael’s primary channel, fernozzle, and Cary’s vlog channel, Humany.