I'm dead. I didn't get returned to the library on time, and now I'm dead. XP Rest in peace, alexlion0511, 2015 to 2016- AUGH!

–alexlion0511's final words, TWOW 14B (part 2)

You were one of the earliest BFDI voters, which is why I was excited to see you join TWOW! But... I want to keep BFDI and TWOW mostly separate, so I'll say, you're the One-time Zombie, because I accidentally killed you in TWOW 9A, but then brought you back to life.

alexlion0511, nicknamed the One-time Zombie, is a contestant who ranked seventeenth in Ten Words of Wisdom season 1.

Game status

alexlion0511 was eliminated seventeenth on TWOW 14B, along with Riley and fryUaj.

Before Cary brought him back due to a YouTube PM bug in TWOW 10A, he was initially 56th.


  • alexlion0511 made the first ever TWOW YouTube Poop, called carykh is a book.
  • alexlion0511 was the first person to get their book changed after elimination.
  • alexlion0511 confirmed that the "alexlion" is based off Alex from the Madagascar series.
  • alexlion0511's first custom book was drawn by himself, from a drawing he titled, "I drew the books based on Cary's view of us."
  • alexlion0511 is the last book with a username that started with "A".

Appearance changes and confessionals

Episode Book Nickname Confessional Notes
TWOW 1A Al - -
TWOW 13A One-time Zombie -
TWOW 16B S1alexlion0511 -
TWOW 21B Alexlion0511-newest -



Round Ranking Response Average percentile Standard deviation Normalized ranking Word count
1 191 The gods of the universe came and ate it up. 54.947% 28.629% 61.2245% 10
2 50 Find where the cold lives and blow up it's house. 62.7379% 25.1233% 86.2637% 10
3 73 Because of skeletal remains, they knew that they got BONEd. 55.1047% 35.5284% 72.6236% 10
4 72 My aardvark always licks dodecahedrons, and he strokes snakes. Awkward! 54.8468% 26.6573% 64.6766% 10
5 64 Plants are very green. / They do photosynthesis. / Plants have self-esteem. 52.5716% 25.2799% 60.2484% 10
6 6 10 colors are in a race. One cheated. Which one? 62.5716% 28.0808% 95.8333% 10
7 1 11 I would totally not abuse my powers. Like, at all. 59.3628% 30.3645% 90% 10
7 2 32.1 I would outlaw you, because you stole my french fries. 54.424% 30.2628% 68% 10
8 30 They are really awful nature things. UH-OH! LET'S ACQUIRE SHELTER! 53.2737% 27.8131% 57.971% 10
9 56 No response recorded
10 21 Everyday, pebbles get stepped on. Together, we'll stop this abuse. 52.5319% 30.2192% 52.381% 10
11 24 Hysterical cats taste gross. Commenters would rather extinguish shiny cowards. 47.7765% 29.1273% 32.4324% 10
12 5 The tree's a monster, that's the root of the problem. 58.1375% 27.7916% 85.1852% 10
13 16 Ded u noe, mytocondree es teh pouerhaus o teh sell? 48.8786% 30.8797% 29.1667% 10
14 17 I'm a straight boy, be scared from these masculine chromosomes. 23.0721% 30.1997% 0% 10

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